Thursday, April 30, 2009

So That's The List...

So that's the top 10 things in London that we WON'T be doing during our trip. We will do a pub tour, and we may hit Holland Park, but those experiences are things that are best done by just going out and discovering them.

Here's a recap of the list:

1. The River
2. The Pubs
3. Holland Park
4. Speaker's Corner
5. The Music Scene
6. London Museums
7. Westminster Abbey
8. Greenwich
9. Hampstead Heath & Richmond Park
10. The London Eye

What I want this list to accomplish is to give you ideas of some things to do outside of class while in London. More than anything hopefully this will help tap into your adventurous spirit. Don't waste a moment in London. You have two weeks there, make it worth it. Do stuff you want to do, and more than anything, go out and explore.

Sometimes the coolest experiences are those born out of necessity. I have found some of the most unique places while traveling abroad simply because I was lost and wandering without a GPS.

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