Monday, April 27, 2009

3. Holland Park

I'm re-starting a list here that I began last summer and never completely finished. Numbers 4 through 10 are at other spots on the blog.

Holland Park is one of those places that no tourist venture into. It's just not on the beaten path enough for tourists to be interested. But it's probably one of the most interesting small parks there is.

Situated at the corner of High Street Kensington and Earls Court Road, it's truly a "posh" park. But it's so much more. Holland Park holds within it a Japanese Garden (truly stunning), an amazing tulip garden in the spring, plenty of peacocks and forested space, and the ruins of an old Jacobean mansion.

From Travel Writing for Journalists

Take a picnic here, find a secluded spot (there's plenty of them) and relax.

Here's a map of the area:

View Holland Park in a larger map

Check out the different pin tacks (especially the tube stop) as I give directions for how to get there from our tube stop.

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