Thursday, May 14, 2009

To Do Lists

I hate to do lists. I'm a loosey goosey type of person, and don't like the idea that my life can and should be planned by a series of yellow post it notes. So you can understand how frustrated I am that my life right now is being dictated by a series of lists.

Go to the bank, pack, get passport, get health insurance cards, print out tickets, and the list goes on, and on, and on.

The only thing I like about lists is getting through them, so tonight and tomorrow I'm pushing through, trying to get it figured out, so I can wake up on Saturday and focus on London.

I'm also weirded out a bit by people who ask me whether I've packed yet or not. Really? Do people actually pack three days ahead of a trip? I pack three hours ahead of a trip and feel great about it. That's definitely the deadline oriented adrenalin junkie (procrastinator) in me. I like cutting it close, and I've always been under the impression (delusion) that I work best under pressure.

So this time I'm trying a different tact. I'm trying to plan things out, get things in order, and make sure I have everything in place for Saturday. Which means that there's absolutely no doubt I'll forget my airline ticket and passport.


So the only thing I'm doing right now is projecting towards London. Pubs, cobbled streets, the city, mews, and Holland Park. If I can get to that, these lists won't matter anymore.

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