Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Figuring out your flat

So I've done a little research and talked with Fernanda, who seems like an absolutely fantastic lady who will be in charge of your dorm while we're in London.

I asked her some questions in regards to the living situation, and here's our conversation. Hopefully it will help:

Does the dorm have internet access, and is it wireless or hardwired?  If it's
hardwired, do we need to bring any cables with us?
Yes, we have free internet access. It is hardwired and we sell the cable
at £7.50 but you can bring your own

Are bed linens and towels provided?
Bed linens yes, but not towels

Are there locks on the dorm rooms?
The wardrobes are lockable but you need a padlock (we sell here at £5.00)

Is there phone access in the dorm?
Yes, you can receive calls in the room and need an international card
to make a call.

Is there a washer/dryer in the dorm?
Yes, we have a laundry facility in the building.
Does the kitchen have utensils, and pots/pans, etc...?
It is fully equipped! We even have dishwashers….

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