Monday, July 7, 2008

Five IC students make it to London!

So I woke up in my London flat this morning planning to pick up my five Ithaca College journalism students from the airport. I was expecting a late morning pick up -- it turned into a late afternoon pickup. As is the norm nowadays, their flight out of JFK was delayed nearly 4 hours.

When I finally arrived at Heathrow I welcomed five dazed, disheveled, and down in the face looking students. They were pretty much the look of every traveler jilted by the airlines.

After making sure they were all ready, we made our way to the tube station below Heathrow and took a 45 minute tube ride into central London. The tube is usually a fantastic first entrance for students -- especially journalism students. Being so alert and observant can really be a fun thing on the tube.

When we arrived to where their accommodations are, we were greeted with a pouring rain. Everyone got a good soaking, and after they were all moved in I gave them a walking tour of their local area. We finally made our way into the cozy confines of a local pub, and sat down with a drink and some dinner.

Tomorrow class officially begins and we'll be checking out the Tower of London. After the meal everyone seemed a bit more chipper and I sent them off to get prepared for the rest of the trip, and to get some much needed rest.

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