Thursday, June 5, 2008

Questions Answered

Hey folks... got an e-mail from a representative of Pepperdine today (Pepperdine is the college that is subletting your rooms to us for the program). Got some answers to some of your questions, and I'll post it below.

One month from today I'll be in London preparing for your arrival! Are you guys ready? What questions do you have for me? I'll try my best to answer any questions you have about pretty much anything to do with the trip, London, Europe, travel writing, etc...

In any case, here's the e-mail I received from Glyn:

1)  Does the dorm have Internet access
for the students laptops?

The dorm rooms are hard wired as opposed to wireless.

2) Are bed linens and towels, etc.. provided or do they
need to pack those things?

Linens are supplied and changed on a weekly basis and the rooms
cleaned weekly I understand. I had a look at a brief version of
the contract and there is no mention of towels so I would bring
one although you could buy a cheap one here.

3) Are there locks on the dorm rooms?

Rooms are lockable. I'm sure there will be a fee for lost keys.
There is also a swipe system to get into the building. Security
is 24 hours and is by the main entrance. They will have photos of
students so we know who is in the building and who is a visitor.

4) Is there telephone access in the dorm rooms, or in the dorm?

I believe that rooms have phones but that you need to purchase cards,
from security, to make outside calls. I know that many of our students
use Skype for speaking with people at home so that may be something your
students want to think about.

So after playing Alex Trebek, I think some of your questions have been
answered. Hope this helps!

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Tristan said...

Is the kitchen fully equipped? I don't need to bring my Boy Scout mess kit with me, do I?

How and where do we exchange currency? What about traveler's checks, where do I get those, and do I need them?

During our daily outings, will we be stopping somewhere for lunch, or bringing our own? What kind of stuff should we be carrying for our day trips?

Shower sandal. y/n?

You told me once that $500 for food would be enough. Still true? Also, about how much could we spend pubs, weekend trips and souvenirs? Maybe a high estimate and a low estimate.

Thanks professor. I'll keep trying to think of questions.