Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Living Quarters...

So we now have living quarters for all of you in London! You'll be staying on the Imperial College campus in South Kensington. It's about a ten minute tube ride from the Ithaca College London Centre, (lets all start spelling British!) and is right in the middle of museum land. You have the Victoria & Albert, The Natural History Museum, the Science Museum, the Royal Albert Hall, Kensington Palace, and Hyde Park all within 5 minutes walk.

Basically this area is the 90210 of England. If you have an "SW7" postal code, you're livin' like Posh & Becks.

Click on this map to see where you'll be living!

But wait, there's more.

The name of the building is Weeks Hall, the proper address is 16-18 Prince's Gardens, London, SW7 1NA.

You each have your own room. Yes that's right -- you'll each have a single.

There are cooking facilities in the dorm and a laundry in the basement.

Bedroom Picture

Kitchen Picture

Here are some more hall features:

  • Washbasins in all study bedrooms
  • Large kitchens located on alternate floors, shared by 15 students
  • Bathrooms and shower rooms located on each floor, maximum of eight students sharing
  • Study/bed-sitting room with en suite bathroom, specially adapted for mobility restricted students
  • Individual internet and telephone access
  • Coin operated fully equipped laundry room
  • Rooms accessible by lift
  • No smoking residence



Tristan said...

The pictures are awesome! I feel like I could call this place home for a few weeks.

Questions: How do we access the internet? Does it cost extra? What speed is it?

Ryan Parkhurst said...

Good question Tristan. I think you'll be able to access in your room for free but let me check on that to make sure.

Allison Musante said...

Ryan, do our rooms come with bed linens and towels, or do we need to bring those? Also, where's the kitchen? Is it on our floor? Same for the bathroom?

Allison Musante said...

Also, do you know if there's a lock outside the bedroom doors--so that if we leave our valuables in our room, we could lock our own doors? Just nervous about bringing my Mac

Ryan Parkhurst said...

i'm sure there will be locks on the doors, but I think towels will not be provided. bed linens -- i will have to check.

It is a dorm much like the one you folks live in at IC, so I would think same rules apply. I will check with the London Center though and let you know for sure.